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2013 Volkswagen Junior Masters - Houston
June 8-9, 2013
Two tournaments in one weekend: The "normal" tournament that includes divisions Under-07 to Under-11 and it only costs $60 per team plus referee fees. The "2001" tournament, may go to 2014 Brazil as award, will cost $300 per team.

Division U08, U09, U10 and U11 2001 Div. U13, U14 and U16 Division
Fee $60 plus referee fees $300 $60 plus referee fees Fee
Players 8v8 11v11 11v11 Players
Max Roster 14 17 18 Max Roster
Ref Fees $25 per team per game None, included $30 per team per game Ref Fees
Halves 25 minutes 30 min. 30 minutes Halves
Division U08, U09, U10 and U11 2001 Div. U13, U14 and U16 Division


-- Tuesday, June 11 (6:30 AM). All schedules have been updated.

-- June 7, the roster forms are ready. Scroll below.

-- June 6 (6:35 AM). There were a couple of teams that withdrew, so some age group schedules had to be modified. Please check your schedules again. Check-in instructions are below.

-- June 4, 2013: Schedules are ready, scroll down and click on the age. Check-in instructions will uploaded late tonight.

-- May 31, 2013: The registration deadline has been extended until Sunday, June 2. Schedules for the "2001" division will be ready on Monday and the schedule for the rest of the divisions will be ready on Tuesday.

-- 5-21, 2013: The registration deadline for the "2001" Division will be Friday, May 31st, 2013.

-- 5-20, 2013: Registration is now Open.


Team Name
Coach Name and Cell Number

Overview for the Under-07 to Under-11 Divisions:

: at least 60 minutes before the first game. More instructions will come later
Awards: All the players in teams that got 1st and 2nd place in the tournament will receive player trophies. The winning team will also get a team trophy.

Referee Fees: Each team must pay the referee fees before the game starts: $25 for 25 minute-half games and $30 for 30 minute games.

Proof of Age: Coaches must have a folder with all the player's copy of birth certificate and a copy of an ID with the player's picture and name on it.

Pre-Game: Pick up from the referee or the tournament table the game roster form (the sticky form). Fill-it in and turn it in to the referee along with the referee fee "before" the games begins.

Maps: Tony Marron Park and Moody Park and Herman Brown Park

Age Chart (look here).

Point System: 3 points for a win, 1 for a tie and 0 for a lost. Tie breakers: Most Points, best goal differential, more goals scored and coin flip.
Extra Time: In games where there has to be a winner, there will NOT be extra time. The winner will be determined by FIFA style penalty kicks.
Protest of Player's Age: A team may protest the age of up two players from the other team. The other team must produce the proof of age of each of the protested players. Failure to do this will result in the suspension of the player. Furthermore if the player looks much older (by the tournament director) and the player has played, then the team may forfeit the game.
Maximum Number of Players: The maximum number of players a team may have is 14 for 8v8 and 18 for 11v11.

Check-in Instructions:
Youth Check-in Instructions:
A) Players do not have to be present at check-in.
B) Check-in table will open at 7:30 AM on Saturday and Sunday only at Tony Marron. If playing in a different field, you must go to Tony Marron your first game.
C) Except for 8:20 AM games, check-in one hour before your first game.
D) All players must present a copy of their birth certificates.
E) All players must present a current STYSA ID card. In case the STYSA ID card is not available, the player must present an official ID card such school ID, passport, etc.
F) Coaches must fill-in the following form, this will be the official roster form (must be filled-in completely). The roster form for the 2001 Division is Here, for all other ages is Here.
G) It is strongly suggested that if a player looks "big" or that the player is "very good" to bring the original birth certificate.
H) Random checks by our tournament staff will take place at any time to check on player's age. Be ready all the time.
I) Blank sticker roster forms will be given to the coaches at check-in. Please fill them in and give them to the referee "before" the games starts.
J) Due the high number of teams participating in the tournament and therefore the high number of fields, half-times will only last 2 minutes in all Saturday and Sunday games.

Overview for the "2001" Division

The "2001" division will be played 11v11 and it will cost $300 per team. All games will be played with 3 referees and each half will last 30 minutes. The top two teams will make the National Final. Only 8-10 teams will be accepted.

Age: All players must have been born in the year 2001 (January 1st) or later (2002, 2003, etc.). No player that played in the year 2000 may play in this division.

Deadline to Register: Sunday, May 2nd.

Schedule Ready: Tuesday, June 4th.

The Volkswagen Junior Masters tournament is one of the largest youth soccer tournaments in the world, specifically targeting the U12 boys age group. Played in over 22 countries worldwide, the tournament brings each Nation’s champion team together culminating in a biennial International Championship. Each participating country coordinates qualification efforts, with the United States regional qualification taking place March 16 - June 9, 2013 and the U.S. National Final running July 29-31, 2013 in Kansas City.

The winning team from the U.S. National final will qualify for an all-expense paid trip to the 2014 Volkswagen Junior World Masters in BRAZIL. Uniting kids and coaches from around the world, the Volkswagen Junior Masters teams will compete for one common goal - to take home the championship trophy.

National Final

Held alongside the 2013 MLS All-Star game in Kansas City, the top two (2) teams from each of the ten (10) qualifying regional events will receive an invitation to attend the National final. Lasting three (3) days and two (2) nights, teams will be treated to a live tournament draw, welcome dinner and interactions with MLS athletes and personalities, in addition to two (2) days of tournament play. Capping off the experience, all teams taking part in the National final will receive tickets to the 2013 MLS All-Star game.

Houston - Regional Format

  • Rosters are 17 players maximum.
  • Rostered players must be 2001 (birth year) or later.
  • At least three games plus single elimination 2nd round
  • Awards: medals for each player (1st and 2nd place), there will not be a team throphy. The main award if for the top two teams to advance to the National Finals.

Schedule and Results


Tournament Director
: Juan E. Vasquez-Ani, Cell: 713-210-9090, juanvasquezani@yahoo.com

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