Last Updated: January 13, 2013
Southwest Schools Soccer Acedmy

Houston, Texas
Program Information
The School

Founded in 1999, the mission of Southwest Middle and High School is to provide children and parents the choice of an exemplary education in a unique, community atmosphere that maintains impeccable standards, respects individuality, cultural diversity, and encourages students 6-12 to reach their true potential.

Unlike public schools, it does not matter where you live, all students are eligible to attend our Charter school.

College Preparation

The main goal of the soccer program is to properly prepare students to go to college. Each student will be expected to take honor level classes when possible and to maintain a minimum of an 85 average in their classes to enter into college and if the momentum keeps going for the individual to play at the college level, as well.
The soccer program will include:

- For boys and girls going to 6th to 12th grade.
- Top soccer trainers from Houston will be conducting the trainings.
- Competition against the top teams in Houston and Texas (year round)
- Participation in 3-5 top tournaments during the year
- Full financial scholarships available
- 12 to 15 hours of practice weekly

Year Round Program

For those accepted into the soccer program, practices will begin two weeks before school starts (Monday, August 13, 2012) and will go on until the end of June. Please note that school starts August 27, 2012 and it ends May 30, 2013.

During school days, players are expected to practice between 12 to 15 hours a week and practice are everyday. Soccer games will begin at the start of October and we will have an average of 1 game each weekend.


The cost to attend school is free once you get accepted to the school. The soccer training is also free of charge.

Other small costs include uniforms, tournament costs, own soccer equipment (cleats, shinguards, soccer ball, etc.), transportation costs, US Club registration ($25 per year), etc.

High Level Training

This soccer program is for elite soccer players and we are looking for players that love soccer, want to train hard everyday and want to do well in their academics. We have assembled the best youth soccer trainers in Houston.

All students are expected to attend every single training session and to try their best. Academics are even more important, please see the academic requirements section on the front page.

School Day

Each student takes 7 classes a day. One of these classes will be a soccer class and the other six classes will be Academic classes such as Mathematics, Science, English, Social Studies, etc.

Additionally, each student in the soccer program will be required an additional 1 or 1.5 hours for after school practice.

Transportation to School

Unfortunately, the school is not able to provide transportation to school at this time.


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