Updated:  Wednesday, May 24, 2017, 10:52 AM
Inner City Soccer Presents:  PANGEA Copita America Houston
May 27-28, 2017  -  Memorial Weekend.

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The Check-in is mandatory. No team may play in a game without checking-in.
Check-in: at least 40 minutes before the first game.
Teams must pay the registration fee and fill-in the official roster form.
All check-ins must be done at the Main Tournament Tent.
At Check-in:
-- Players do not have to be present, just an adult person (team representative) from the team.
-- The team representative will turn-in the official tournament roster.
-- Please see the proof of age section.


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Tournament Director
: Juan E. Vasquez-Ani, Cell: 713-210-9090, juanvasquezani@yahoo.com

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