Updated:  Monday, December 26, 2016, 12:53 PM

1 There is no limit of guest players.  Any coach may put a team together.
2 Point System: 3 points for a win, 1 for a tie and 0 for a lost. 
3 Tie breakers in order: Most points, best goal differential, head-to-head, more goals scored and coin flip.
4 Goal Differential: There will be a limit of 6 (six) goal differential (plus or minus) in each game.  Example: if a game ends by the score of 12-3, then the official score will be changed to 9-3 for goal differential purposes.
5 More goals scored: There will be a limit of 10 (ten) goals for (plus or minus) in each game.  Example: if a game ends by the score of 11-4, then the team will only be credited with 10 "goals for"; this is only for "goals for" purposes..
6 A forfeit win will have a score of 3-0.
7 The Check-in is mandatory.  No team may play in a game without checking-in.
8 Check-in: at least 40 minutes before the first game. Teams must pay the registration fee and fill-in the official roster form.  All check-ins must be done at the Main Tournament Tent.  
9 At Check-in:
-- Players do not have to be present, just an adult  person (team representative) from the team.
-- The team representative will turn-in the official tournament roster.
-- Please see the proof of age section.
10 Awards in the top bracket: The winning team will receive a team trophy and individual medals. The second place team will receive medals to each of its players.
11 Awards in the lower brackets: The winning team will receive a team trophy and individual medals. The second place team will receive medals to each of its players.
12 5v5 Texas State Cup.  The top 3 teams of each of the top age brackets will qualify to the Texas State 5v5 Championship.   Please note that the teams still need to register and pay that tournament's registration fees.  In the 5v5 State Cup championship, the top 3 teams in each bracket will advance to the 5v5 National Championship.
13 Maximum Number of Players: The maximum number of players that a team may have in its roster is 8.
14 Referee Fees: If applicable, each team must pay the referee fees "before" the game starts: $25 per team per game.  In some tournaments, the referee fee is already included.
15 Pre-Game: At check-in, at the tournament table, pick-up the game roster forms (the sticky form). Fill-it in and turn it in to the referee along with the referee fee "before" each of the games.
16 A player may play in multiple teams as long as he is properly registered, he is of the right age for the team and all the teams he is playing for are of different age divisions.
17 Girls: we encourage girls to play soccer. Girls in age groups Under-11 and younger may play one year older.  In age groups U12 to U14, girls may play 2 years older.  In ages U15 to U16, girls may play as long as they no older than 21 years old.
18 Extra Time: In games where there has to be a winner, there will NOT be extra time.
19 The winner in the above case will be determined by FIFA style penalty kicks (3 each).
20 Age Groups Levels: Whenever possible, the tournament will try to divide each age group bracket into two levels: the "gold" bracket (top teams) and the "silver" bracket.
21 Age Groups: Youth age groups may be combined when there are not enough teams in one particular age group.
22 Money Refund: teams will not received any refund if a team withdraws from the tournament.  In case of a rain-out, all teams will receive full credit for the next tournament hosted by Inner City Soccer.
23 Re-Schedule:  in case of tournament re-schedule due to weather conditions, the tournament committee will decide if the tournament is postponed to a later date.  The Tournament Director, referees, or sponsors will not be responsible for any expense incurred by any team, due to cancellation, in part or in whole, of the tournament
24 Uniform - Matching uniform color with alternate goalkeeper color required. Numbered uniforms are not required.  Appropriate soccer footwear and shin guards are mandatory - No jewelry is allowed - Any player that does not have the requisite player equipment will be disqualified from playing until given approval from referee. 
25 Referee and Discipline - Each game will be officiated by 1 referee. The referee has full and final decisions on all games. Protesting will not be allowed. A referee call during a game will not be reviewed. No referees’ judgment will be the basis for any sort of protest. ALL decisions on the field are final.  A question or concern in regards to player’s eligibility or age may be questioned.  Please see the age protest form.
26 Accumulation of three (3) yellow cards in separate matches results in a one match suspension. - Red cards result in a minimum automatic one match suspension. The tournament director will review and rule on all reports of unacceptable conduct by players – Coaches and spectators. Rulings made by the tournament director are based on the rules and the report submitted by the referee. The director’s decisions are final and cannot be challenged: Depending on the severity of the unacceptable conduct, the director reserves the right to eject a player for the remainder of the tournament.
27 In all 2nd round games, the tournament director reserves the right to alter the rankings of the teams so that there will be no repeat matchups or teams from the same club/regions do not play each other.
28 The official schedules and scores will be kept at the main tournament tent.
29 The minimum number of games guaranteed in the tournament will be 3 with the exception of when there are more than 12 teams in the age group.  In these cases the teams with the worst place in the standings might only play 2 games.
30 Scorecards must be verified by the team coach immediately after the game. Once the referee leaves the field of play the score indicated on the scorecard will be final. It is the responsibility of the team coach to verify scores.
31 The following documents must be shown immediately by the coach to prove a player's age:
-- A government issued picture ID such as school ID, passport, Visa, etc (please note that a recent picture of the player must be shown).
-- A non-affiliated soccer league picture ID is not valid.
-- If the picture ID card does not have the player's birthdates, then a copy of a birth certificate must also be shown.
-- Note: also a USYSA (STYSA) ID card or US Soccer ID card will also be sufficient to prove a player's age.